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A Greener Blue: Sustainability at Andover

Collected by: Phillips Academy

Archived since: Aug, 2021

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Description: We are a coalition and incubator of the environmental movements on campus towards climate curriculum, campus learning and reform, and community activism. It is our job to ensure that the story we tell through our learning remains relevant to the context of the world in which we live and that it sets us up well to act on what we care about. The context of today's world is inextricably linked to climate change and its environmental, economic, justice, geopolitical, and social implications. Systemic inquiry reveals deeper social, economic, and political problems that lead to perpetual environmental injustice and are themselves catalyzed and exacerbated by the climate change they contribute to. As such, we advocate for climate education, formal and informal, to be embedded across all aspects of the Andover and secondary school experience.

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Subject:   climate change

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