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Collected by: Norfolk Collegiate School

Archived since: Jan, 2017


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Subject:   Arts & Humanities

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Title: Save Walter White


Description: This is a website decorticated to a loving father and amazing chemistry teacher Walter White. This website was part of a TV called "Breaking Bad" that ran from January 20th 2008 until September 29, 2013. The final episode of Breaking Bad was one of the most viewed TV show episodes in history. Breaking Bad was about Walter White a high school chemist teacher who was diagnosed with lung cancer, scared that he won't be able to support his family Walter begins to make and sell cystal meth. He made the most pure of meth and was able to make more money than he ever dreamed of. He did all this with the help of an ex-student Jesse Pinkman who may seem like a common hooligan turn out to be a huge help to Walter.

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Subject:   Walter White

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